Peer-reviewed books, articles, policy reports and impact work.


Forthcoming and Recent Research Publications and Presentations (Abbreviated)


  1. “Social Enterprise and Third Sector Policy Development and Implementation in Scotland and Ireland” (Forthcoming). Joint article submission with City University, Dublin and Technological University, Dublin to ‘Administration’, Journal of Institute of Public Administration of Ireland
  2. “UK Financialisation of Public Service Delivery Goes Global”. Based on presentation in French at April 2021 CRISES Conference at University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Article in Canadian Journal of NonProfit and Social Economy Research, Special Edition. May 2022
  3. “Scotland’s Charity Sector is Being Marketised” Article for CONTER, also published in SCVO ‘Third Force News’ March and April 2022.
  4. Seminar at University of Limerick Seminar on Coops and Social Enterprises Wednesday 02 March 2022 YouTube of presentation on Coops and Social Enterprise in Scotland and Ireland.
  5. “How Blair Killed the Coops”. Manchester University Press book published TUE 09 NOV. Online Book Launch at 1900 on THU 18 NOV 2021, with an introduction by John McDonnell MP and chaired by Owen Hatherley (‘Red Metropolis’)                                                                                                                                                                                          YouTube of Actual Launch “How Blair Killed the Coops” Book Launch.
    Manchester University Press link to book
  6. Les welcomes reviews of his book. Please kindly email him using “Contact” page to ask about review copies

  7. SCSJ COVID, Social Enterprise and Communities. Paper and presentation to Scottish Centre for Social Justice Launch Conference, Queen Margaret University, FRI 01 OCT 2021
  8. A Social Economy in Scotland Paper on Social Enterprise Network Scotland (SENSCOT) site. July 2021
  9. “La financiarisation britannique de la prestation de services publics”. Contribution in French to Colloque international du Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales: CRISES Sixieme Edition CRISES Presentation Poster Montreal April 8-9 2021
  10. The Financialization of Community Development: the Role of Social finance Community Development Journal. Special Edition on Financialisation. Publication January 2021.
  11. The Mythology of the Social Impact Bond: A Critical Assessment from a Concerned Observer” Historische Sozialforschung (Historical Social Research) Journal. Published July 2020.
  12. “Social Finance and Local Government Services (Social Investment and Social Impact Bonds)” UNISON Final Report NOV 2019 . Research project for UNISON, December 2019


Further Publications and Presentations (Abbreviated)

  • Les welcomes inquiries about any publications or presentation on this list. Please email using “Contact” page for further information.

    1. “How can we Stop Privatisation of Public Services?” Chapter in “Rethinking Britain: Policy Ideas for the Many”, published by Policy Press, Bristol. March 2019
    2. “Le néolibéralisme et la marchandisation de l’économie sociale au Royaume-Uni: les conséquences pour l’innovation sociale” Chapter in book “Trajectoires d’Innovation” published by Presses de l’Université du Québec, March 2019.
    3. “Social Innovation as a Trigger for Transformations: The Role of Research”. Expert submission August 2017. Edited: Frank Moulaert, Abid Mehmood, Diana MacCallum, and Bernhard Leubolt. EU Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation, September 2017. Presented at “Opening Up for an Era of Social Innovation”, Lisbon, November 2017
    4. Austerity, Privatisation, Private Monday and Social Impact Bonds”. Labour Research and Action Network Conference, Presentation at Howard University, Washington DC, Friday 09 June 2017
    5. “Alternative Models of Ownership. Contributor to Report to Shadow Chancellor and Shadow Secretary of State for BEIS, published by Labour Party, May 2017
    6. “Return to the True Origins of the Third Sector Makes Redundant the Concept of “social Innovation” Presentation to CRISES International Conference, Université Du Québec À Montréal (UQAM) Thursday April 06 2017
    7. “Social Finance and Jobs” Presentation to Canadian Labour Congress, Ottawa, Tuesday 04 April 2017
    8. “Social Impact Bonds” – the Case for a Pause”. Presentation at University of Hamburg, Thursday 23 March 2017
    9. “Social Impact Bonds”: An Untried Model Masked by Political Rhetoric”. Presentation at Newcastle University Business School, London. Tuesday 13 September 2016
    10. “Social Enterprise Came before New Labour: Neglect of UK Antecedents from the 1970s onwards has Miscast the Role of Social Enterprise.” Paper to Voluntary Action History Society Annual Conference, University of Liverpool, Wednesday 13 July 2016.
    11. “Glasgow School for Business and Society, Submission on Social Enterprise to Scottish Parliament Economy Committee” with Prof Geoff Whittam. Wednesday 20 January 2016
    12. Reflections on a Solidarity Economy” Presentation to Complutense University of Madrid Summer School Friday 03 July 2015
    13. “The Most Supportive Environment in the World”? Tracing Development of an Institutional ‘Ecosystem’ for Social Enterprise”. Michael Roy, Neil McHugh, Leslie Huckfield, Alan Kay, Cam Donaldson. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and NonProfit Organisations. Vol 26, Issue 3, 2015
    14. “Social Impact Bonds: Shifting the Boundaries of Citizenship”. Chapter for Social Policy Review 26: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy. Stephen Sinclair, Neil McHugh, Leslie Huckfield, Michael Roy, and Cam Donaldson Bristol: Policy Press, 2014
    15. “Social impact bond: un lupo travestito da agnello” Neil McHugh, Stephen Sinclair, Michael Roy, Leslie Huckfield, Cam Donaldson. Rivista Impresa Sociale, No 3, 2014
    16. “Initial Notes for a Social Innovation Strategy: A Glasgow Social Innovation Space”: GCU Notes for Discussion Monday 08 September 2014


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